Wetwall Caddy™

We Prevent Water Damage

Seal your shower installations with our patented wall sealing device. Avoid costly repairs due to water damage from potential leaks

New Zealand Made

All of our products are made right here in New Zealand and are the first step when ensuring a dry and healthy home for your family

Our Brand Story

The Wetwall caddy is an innovative solution to an expensive problem

Hidden Hazard

Water that has leaked from shower mixers and taps from unsealed wall penetrations can cause considerable damage to timber framing and wall linings. Not only can it weaken the structure, it can cause a mould to grow that has been linked to skin and respiratory diseases.

Take Control

The Wetwall Caddy is a molded ABS plastic device that encompasses water control valves and protects the wall cavity from any potential leaks that may occur from either leaky shower mixers, taps or water egression.

Peace of Mind

Included in the Internal Wet Area Membrane Code of Practice and E3 compliant, the Wetwall Caddy is permanent low-cost insurance, providing security and peace of mind to the home owner, builder, plumber and tiler. 

Our focus on Innovation

Water damage costs building owners and the insurance industry millions of dollars per year. With no other other products available, the Wetwall Caddy was developed as a solution to this ongoing problem. We are proud to produce a product that is not only sustainable but compliant to both NZ Building Code E3 internal moisture and AS374.

Easy Installation

The water control valve (or outlet) sits inside the Wetwall Caddy and any potential leaks are trapped and expelled through the front of the flange and down the wall lining, preventing any water from leaking down into the wall cavity and causing substantial damage.

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The Wetwall Caddy was an obvious choice when renovating bathrooms in our new rental properties. It was a cost effective way to ensure the longevity and safety of our investment.

– Tom, Home Owner

On a weekly basis we come across water damage caused by leaking shower mixers. My team has started using the Wetwall Caddy to ensure a quality job every time and to make sure our clients are fully protected from internal water damage.

– Dan, Plumber