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The Importance of Sealed Penetrations


Waterproofing of Shower Penetrations

Repairs to walls and floors as a result of water damage from showers cost building owners and the insurance industry millions of dollars per year. Our Building Code clause E3 Internal Moisture requires that water splash is prevented from penetrating behind linings and into concealed spaces.

The solution in Compliance Document E3/AS1 is to seal the joint between baths, basins, tubs and sinks.  But one area that requires more attention by Architects and designers is where penetrations are made through the waterproof lining of showers.  

The penetrations for shower mixers, roses or flexible hoses should be waterproofed with a proprietary flange system, or sealant.  No matter what system is used the waterproofing must allow for easy access for replacing tap washers, ceramic disks and o-rings without damaging the wall lining, this is a requirement for warranty on tapware products.

Aquatite have designed a range of products that allow for this warranty requirement to be achieved while still creating a waterproof seal in the wet area lining.

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